13. september 2013


The Bolivian Chaetura-Swifts

Here is the plate with the Bolivian Chaetura swifts.  As reference I have used specimens photographed by S. K. Herzog at the LSU as well as photographs of live birds. On the latter I have noticed, that details which are impossible to see when observing birds in the field often show well. Therefore I have chosen to show such details also on the plate - taking photographs may well prove to be one of the better ways to identify these species. Under normal field conditions you are lucky to see a pale rump. Chaetura are indeed swift.

One thing often be seen in photographs is the wing formula, eg. the difference in wing formula between Chaetura meridionalis and Chatura pelagica mentioned in Handbook of the Birds of the world.   

Wing formula of Chaetura pelagica (top) and Chaetura meridionalis, the latter showing variation.