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2. januar 2021


2021-01-01 Inside the alder dominated swamp forest growing in the river Helge Å's former riverbed. Until 1774 Helge Å ran here. By 1775 a new riverbed formed as a consequence of an almost too successful draining attempt. This forest is used by mammals as a north-south going highway. It is criss-crossed by trails made by wild boars. Moose often move through the forest, and in some periods they also use it as a daytime roost. Water colour on 270 g paper in note book.

2020-12-30 Golden Eagles on the power line crossing Everöds Ängaväg between Lyngby and Sjögård, 
Water colour on 270 g paper in note book.


2021-01-02 White-tailed Eagle and Crow in central Pulken. Painted from our back door. Water colour and gouache on 270 g paper in note book.

2020-12-29 The central part of Pulken. The water in the foregrund is part of the very small, but permanent lake. What looks like an island out in the lake is actually a mat of floating vegetation. The swampy area in central Pulken is being taken over by reeds, a development that I find rather boring. Possibly the spreading reedbed is a consequence of two successive rather wet summers and two very mild winters. Oil colour on acid-free cardboard